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Drive more engagement, build better relationships and boost conversions.
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A playback window shows a sales presentation that is recorded with Clipp.

Send video emails to your
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Our users are seeing
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38% higher click rate
Warming up cold emails
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4X meetings booked
Nurturing leads
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2X attendance rate
Reducing demo no-shows
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2X response rate
Maintain relationships
How to start using videos for sales outreach
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How does Clipp help you to win customers?

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Record your personalized video with ease

Create amazing sales videos from your web browser with the flexibility to record your screen, camera, or both—no installation required. Then, it's time to follow up with your prospects with a warm smile.
A playback window shows a sales presentation that is recorded with Clipp.

Edit your video like editing a doc

Forgot your lines? Made mistakes? No worries. You can edit the imperfections out in the video as easily as deleting them from the transcript. With Fast Trim, you can also one-click to remove repetitions, long silence, and filler words. The easy-to-use editing toolkit helps you reply to prospects in video faster than writing it in plain text.
Remove silence, filler words, and repetitions in the recording with one click.

One-click to create a highlight clip

Want to share only the gist of your video product intro with your prospects? You can create such a clip by highlighting the text in the transcript with our text-based editor.
Highlight the text that you'd like to share, then click Highlight to create a shareable clip.

Project your video and track video engagement

Sharing important videos with password protection. Keep tabs on who's watching, and track prospect engagement with advanced video analytics (coming soon).
An option to share your recorded presentation publicly or with a password.

Send a link to your video via email or social

Whether in email, Slack, LinkedIn, or Facebook, sharing your video is just one click away. Personalize your video with an eye-catching thumbnail to attract more views.
An option to share your recordings via email, Salesforce, Outlook, or LinkedIn.
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One of my colleagues is great at pitching to customers using videos. I always wanted to try but was intimidated by the complication of video editing. Then, I stumbled upon Clipp. Surprisingly, I found creating videos was easy with it, and videos do sell since my lead generation for the month has increased by 230%!
Ethan Norman
BDR at Planet Surfing
Boost your productivity
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