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Troubleshoot issues quickly, retain happy customers and improve support team
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A chat window shows a customer support representative trying to resolve a customer issue with a video recording.

Why is video support so prevalent
among experienced support teams?

A comparison between using text plus screenshots and using videos for better customer support.

How to close tickets 10X faster with Clipp?

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Easy to record a video

Answer customer inquiries in videos. Record your screen, voice, and camera all in your web browser. Straightforward and quick video explanations lead to better customer satisfaction.
A customer support representative is recording his screen, camera, and voice using Clipp.

No video editing skills required

Forgot your lines or made mistakes during the recording? No need to start over as you can easily remove these parts, just like deleting words from Google Docs. This text-based editing tool helps you reply to customers in video faster than writing it in plain text.
Highlight the text that you don't want in the transcript and click trim to remove the text and the corresponding recording.

One-click to create a highlight clip

Want to extract highlights from your hour-long tutorials and put them together as FAQ? You can easily do so by highlighting the text in the transcript with our text-based editor.
Highlight the text that you'd like to share, then click Highlight to create a shareable clip.

Share recordings on your favorite platforms

One click to share your recording anywhere, and anyone with the link can watch it. It’s time to step up and equip your customer support team with a better tool.
An option to share your recordings via email, Zendesk, Jira, or Slack.
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A playback window shows a sales presentation that is recorded with Clipp.
Clipp for Sales

See what our friends say about us?

I used to spend 30min or more creating a 1-min short video demo in response to a customer request. With Clipp, I no longer need to restart recordings when there are mistakes, as I can always cut this out with the text-based editor. After 4 weeks of use, I've closed 30% more tickets with even better customer satisfaction.
Catherine Norman
Customer Support Specialist
After 3 weeks of Clipp adoption, our ticket resolution rate increased by 50% and the customer satisfaction score increased from 6.5 to 8.5. Tech support videos are so simple to create that I can make 7 of them in an hour.
Larry Hastings
Help Desk Support
Boost your productivity
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